Manufacturing continuous papers since 1988

KP Convertors is the 2nd largest manufacturer of computer listing paper in the UK, selling to customers not only on the home market but also abroad. It is also the recognised supplier to several of the larger buying groups within the trade. The company specialises in the production of high quality continuous listing paper and also supplies a wide range of bespoke continuous forms to the UK stationery trade. We have built a reputation for consistent quality, value for money and reliability, which is why our customers keep on coming back.

The company still remains a family run business and although it has grown considerably since its beginnings in1988 it still insists on one thing and that is providing its customers with a service that is second to none.

KP Convertors is a leading manufacturer and supplier of continuous computer listing papers and continuous business forms to printers and stationers in the UK and also internationally. We can supply a wide variety of forms to suit all your needs, please contact us for further details.